The "Future for Bisso" project emerged from a private initiative launched by a Cameroonian. The goal was and is to provide a better quality of life in the village of Bisso. First, the school was built, then school books were bought and teachers hired, because a good education is crucial for the future of the village's children! However, in 2007 a storm leveled the school to the ground. The children and teachers stood by on the road. Money was saved up again with great difficulty and a second attempt was undertaken. The new school was finally able to open in summer 2010. But the school is just the start. With the help of the villagers, ideas as to how living conditions could be improved in the village have been collected. Now we are hoping to gain your support. We can achieve a lot here with just a little money.

The school

Since its reconstruction, 80 children have been attending the school in Bisso. Classes began for the children in September 2010. The teachers are expecting up to 120 students, because the school is also extremely popular in neighboring villages too. Stable and long-term funding of teacher salaries is therefore very important for the survival of the school. For example, €1,500 could pay the salaries of three teachers for an entire year. Books and teaching materials must always be kept up to date too. Currently we are paying three teachers and in addition there is one teacher paid by the state. In order to allow teaching of 4 classes we are renovation and reconstructing 2 classrooms since April 2013 so that we offer 4 parallel classes from the next quarter on.


Drinking water is scarce. There is a natural source of water about 300 meters down a ravine at the edge of the village. The path is dangerous, especially during the rainy season when the soil is soaked and slippery. By constructing a well, the supply of drinking water to the people in Bisso could be ensured. Therefore, with the help of donations, such a well is going to be built in 2014. We are currently in contact with partner organizations so that we can realize this project in 2014.

Health care

Medical care is abysmal. If a villager gets sick, he is on his own. There aren't any doctors or nurses in Bisso or nearby. The nearest hospital with a small emergency department is located 25 kilometers away, in Nkoteng. That's a long way without proper roads or cars. There is a lack of drugs and trained healthcare professionals everywhere. In the short term, we will help by providing German doctors on site. Our long-term goal for Bisso and the surroundings is a functioning clinic. In April 2013 we started to reconstruct an already existing building into a small hospital. In October we will have a project team on site that will finalize the work, start contacting local doctors and hiring personnel. It is planned to go-live at the end of 2013.