Here you will find the current and planned projects for 2013/2014.

Auction of paintings

Many pictures were painted in Bisso in late summer in 2010. Images of wishes and dreams. Images that are not far from the wishes of our own children. Power Ranger and Obi Wan Kenobi also exist in the tropical rain forest. Out of all the paintings, 36 were auctioned at the Dräger headquarters in Lübeck on November 9th, 2012. With the support of the Hamburg dependency of Sotheby's EUR 3,870 were raised. A single donator gave an extra EUR 5,000. The funds raised will serve the further expansion of the elementary school and the improvement of the primary health care.

Needs Analysis

"In October 2011 we went to Bisso as a family. Jean had infected us with us his enthusiasm. We wanted to paint a picture of the local living conditions so as to develop suggestions for improvement. My task was to improve the educational environment. My wife and daughter sat in on the lessons and joined in with the children's craft activities. By dealing with the children we quickly realized where things were lacking. Sometimes it was the very small things, such as removing a termite mound in the classroom, lockable windows, plaster on the walls or a piece of chalk, that improved learning."

Music for Bisso

On December 17, 2011 over €3,000 was raised for the association at the 10-year anniversary of the "Celtic Folk Night" series of benefit concerts in Lübeck. Under the auspices of Pastor Hans-Uwe Rehse, Chairman of the Vorwerker Diakonia Lübeck, four Celtic folk bands played at Lübeck's Schuppen 9 Zeugner event hall for the good cause and provided a lively atmosphere right through to midnight. Many thanks to all who took part, those who came to listen and the sponsors.

Children's Donations Flea Market

"We've got so many toys that we don't need any more. We could sell them and give the money to the children in Bisso." This was the idea of Thies (6 years old). The result: the children's donations flea market. In collaboration with the City of Bad Oldesloe, under the auspices of the mayor, the flea market was held in the civic hall in March 2012. Guests big and small came to enjoy coffee and cakes. The flea market was great fun and brought in €504.65 for the school children of Bisso. The event was accompanied by music from drummer Yancouba Badji and his daughter Maimouna. 

Medical caravan

It may take several years to build a health clinic. In order to provide the people in Bisso with medical assistance in the short term, we have established the "medical caravan". A general practitioner and a dentist, as well as a few assistants from Lübeck and Yaoundé traveled to Cameroon in October 2011. The shocking facts: More than half of the villagers had never been to a doctor. Seventy percent of the children in the village have not been inoculated. Many have very bad teeth and suffer from permanent toothache. Sixty percent of women in the village had never been to a gynecologist. Medical care is urgently needed.
Travel diary (PDF)

In October 2013 we will be back on-site to check the success of our prophylaxis work and to commission the small hospital.

Implemented Projects

We are using the money raised to finance the school in the long term. We take care of the maintenance, provide school supplies, buy lockable cabinets etc. We finance the teachers and invest in their training. Another important point is to improve the hygienic conditions, so we chose to build toilets that have running water. A sensation in Bisso!

School Sponsorship

For a while now there has been a school sponsorship program between Bisso and an elementary school in Schleswig Holstein. The children learn about the living conditions in Cameroon and Germany respectively. We have presented lots of pictures and stories at both sites. In Germany, we treated the children to delicious fried dough balls (a typical Cameroon breakfast), which we prepared in the school's kitchen with the help of the children.