The projects - the school, water, health care - are our key areas of focus for Bisso. The "ideas" section includes long-term visions and projects that are intended to contribute to improving the living conditions in the region.

Promoting craft and trade

Craft and small trade has always played a major role in African society. The constant so-called "Europeanization" of many villages and the simultaneous destruction of the livelihood and means of income for many artisans – the forest – has over the years impoverished many of them or forced them into rural exodus. This results in the loss of knowledge about the various crafts. Often a father can no longer pass on his knowledge to his son. We would like to re-establish craft and small trade in the villages, by training young people in a variety professions. Therefore, in the long term it would be necessary to establish a trade school.

Agricultural projects

The soil around Bisso is quite fertile compared to the country as a whole. Here, countless tropical fruits find a soil rich in nutrients. These could be sold in Nkoteng, the nearest town. But this only works if the destruction of the rain forest is prevented. As the rain forest dies out, so does the livelihood and means of income for many small farmers in Bisso.


Cameroon is often referred to as "Africa in miniature", owing to its wide diversity. The wildlife is as varied as the landscape itself. It is home to baboons and long-tailed monkeys. There are many species of reptiles, snakes and birds. The Waza National Park boasts a particularly large abundance of birds. There are also ostriches, ibises and cranes, pelicans and herons. Some of these live only in Cameroon. Eco-tourism is an alternative to the overexploitation of natural resources, while at the same time increasing the gainful occupation and continuance of the residents in the village.

Climate protection

The conservation of forest should be a top priority for all of us. Every day in Cameroon untold quantities of trees are felled and shipped to Europe and the rest of the world. By destroying the forest, every day we are biting the hand that feed us. Sponsorship of the tropical forest benefits the climate, helping both us and the people who live there.

Power supply

Bisso is located in one of the rainiest regions of the world, therefore Cameroon gets most of its energy from hydropower. The natural resources of water and the Sun offer a variety of ways to produce energy. Rainfall during the rainy season is very high. The Sun shines twelve hours a day on average. Currently an old petrol generator is the only way to supply a few houses with a bit of power some of the time. Solar and wind power would be an ecologically sensible alternative. A ready-installed, reliable power supply would be an absolute necessity for any future clinic.